Rates & Insurance

We are currently an ABA provider for the following insurance companies:




*For Straight Medicaid or Medicaid HMO's: ABA prior authorization is required.  

To request the prior authorization for assessment, we will need these items (along with our DBS referral form) in order to submit the request. 

1. Referral from a medical doctor. It must include the child's name, date of birth, diagnosis (cannot end in a .9) and state that ABA is medically necessary. It must have a signature by that MD to be a valid referral.  If any of these components are missing, the request will be denied by Medicaid. 

2. Cognitive Diagnostic Evaluation Report (CDE) from the physician that summarizes what tools/tests were used to verify the diagnosis. 

3. IEP - if your child has an IEP through their school, please provide that as well. 



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